03 – Why Most Furniture Removed The Door Knobs?

Prince Locsin


The door knobs are one of the most important parts of a piece of furniture. Without it, you can’t access the interior of your furniture and if you have antique furniture, removing the door knobs will make them look old-fashioned. However, there are some cases where removing the door knobs is necessary or even a good idea.

Door Knobs

  • Door knobs are used for locking and unlocking the door, which means that you can’t open the door without using a knob.
  • They are usually made of metal, plastic or wood.
  • You use the knob to turn it to open or close the door.

Antique Furniture

Antique furniture is usually designed to be used as a display piece. It’s not meant to be used on a daily basis, but rather kept behind glass and admired by visitors. Antique furniture is also made of wood, which can easily be damaged if you’re not careful with it. Finally, antique furniture was designed before modern safety features were added into our homes–for example, many antique beds do not have headboards or rails on them so that they can fit into smaller rooms and make room for other pieces of furniture in the bedroom (think: wardrobes).

Antique beds are usually higher off the ground than modern ones; this means they may not be safe if you have small children who could fall out while sleeping in them!


If you want to keep the functionality of your furniture, then remove the door knobs. The door knobs are not useful for furniture. They are more useful for doors and cabinets because they can be used to open and close these types of doors or cabinets.

If you want to keep the functionality of your furniture, then remove the door knobs.

If you want to keep the functionality of your furniture, then remove the door knobs.

You can use a key to open the door, lock it and even open or close drawers and cabinets with ease. This is because most of these pieces of furniture have been designed with hidden mechanisms that enable them to be opened by simply inserting a key into any one of their many locks.


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